Wills Wing Sport 2 155


Wills Wing Sport 2 C 155

The Wills Wing Sport 2 155 hang glider is for intermediate pilots. This glider has been gently flown and still has a great amount of life left. Come take a look and find yourself in your dream glider today! Take your skills to the next level with one of the most loved hang gliders on the market.

Shipping is not included in the price of the glider. If we are shipping the glider from LMFP to you, shipping costs will be determined by the lowest quote from the best freight companies.


Before you make a purchase, call our office for details. 

[Gliders and glider equipment must be purchased by an USHPA rated pilot. Failure to do so will result in the order being returned. We have the right to refuse any purchase or product at any time, whether this is expressly stated to you or not. For gliders and equipment, it is recommended to ask details regarding the product before you purchase. If you make a purchase with us, we have the right to refuse or cancel your purchase through any means necessary and for any reason and this reason does not have to be expressly stated to you.]

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