VIP P2 Paragliding Package

$2,799.00 $1,799.00

The P2 VIP training package is everything you need to learn to fly a paraglider.The most experience, the most preparation, and the most comprehensive instruction available. 

The P2 package includes:

  • Beginner ground school 
  • Kiting session 
  • Unlimited training hill flights
  • P1 and P2 rating fees
  • First year USHPA membership
  • Official training manual
  • 5 supervised P2 mountain launches

This is a discounted rate offered with the Basic Equipment Package Purchase. If you already have your own gear that VIP package costs $2,799. Please call us at 706-398-1292 for more information.

We teach on our training hills seven days a week as weather conditions allow, but we do need you to schedule your flights and lessons. After purchasing your package, please call 706-383-1292 to get your lessons booked. For students over 250 pounds, please call to discuss your training options.

To avoid shipping charges on this item, use the promo code "Learn2Fly". 




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