The Element Track With The Airspeed Sensor Mounted On The Vario

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The Element Track is perfect blend of functionality, size, weight, ruggedness, battery life ease of use, and user-friendliness.The Flytec Element is the next evolution of the highly popular 6015 with improvements to the display, keypad, USB interface, processing power and memory, as well as overall useability. New features like airspace avoidance and advanced competition navigation are coming soon. The Element is truly the best all-around instrument for hang gliding and paragliding pilots that want to fly higher, further, safer and faster or simply just want to get more out of their flights.

• Altimeter 1 - MSL up to 40,350 ft (12,300 m)
• 1ft/1m increment
• Altimeter 1 - Auto-Set from GPS or manually set based on reference altitude
• Altimeter 2 - Absolute or relative (ft or m)
• Altimeter 3 - Differential or AGL (coming soon)
• Scrolling altitude graph
• Altimeter 1 can be set to Flight-Level

• Analog display - ±2000 ft/min. (10 m/s), increments 40 ft/ min (20 cm/sec)
• Digital display - up to 60,000 ft/min (300 m/sec), increments 10 ft/min.
• Nascent/near thermal tone - user adjustable
• Scrolling vario graph
• Averager - users selectable between 1 - 30 seconds
• Graphic display of average climb
• Descent tone - user selectable threshold (can be easily disabled)
• Sink alarm - user selectable threshold (can be easily disabled)
• Extensive audio control

• Digital speed display when used with optional HG or PG sensor (mph, km/h or knots)
• Range 0 – 99 mph (0 - 160 km/h), increments 1 mph, 1 km/h, 1knots Ground speed
• Wind speed with time since last wind calculation displayed
• Stall alarm - User selectable threshold (requires optional sensor)
• Airspeed correction: ±50%

• 3D track log in IGC format
• KML format for viewing in Google Earth (coming soon)
• Automatic detection of flight start and stop
• Adjustable record interval 1 to 60s
• Extended internal recording 10,000 hours at 1s
• 50 flight logbook - accessible from instrument
• Flight memory data maintained if batteries are depleted or are remove

• Super sensitive surface mounted 48 channel GPS
• Easy upload of waypoint/route file
• Position formats: dd.dddddº/ ddº' / ddºmm’ss"
• UTC format (coming soon)

• Navigation compass
• Track
• Pointer and numerical bearing to next waypoint
• Pointer to 2nd waypoint
• Allows skipping waypoints and insertion of new waypoint(s) in flight
• Return to last thermal pointer, bearing and distance
• Wind speed and direction (pointer and numerical heading)
• Glide Ratio- actual and required to destination
• Above/below glide slope to destination indication
• One–button display of current position
• Quick mark of current position as waypoint
• Add, edit, delete waypoint from instrument

• Competition route navigation with waypoint cylinders
• Acoustic and visual waypoint achieved notification
• Start time with multiple start gates
• Required ground speed for optimal start
• Indication of in/out of correct position relative to start cylinder boundary
• Advanced competition route navigation - Optimized route (coming soon)

• Micro USB port
• Mass storage device -no drivers required to connect to external device
• Cross platform, connect to OSX, Windows, Linux, Android, etc.
• File based data exchange for flights, waypoints, airspace, firmware updates

Power Supply
• Battery life over 30 hours on 2 AA (included) or 10 years in standby mode
• Continual display of battery status in run mode and in start-up sequence
• Intelligent automatic switch-off


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