The Industry Standard Manual for Paragliding

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This is an excellent way to learn, starting with the basics and progressing to a competent, safe paraglider pilot. It also can be used to freshen or polish your skills. Written by respected author and Master pilot Dennis Pagen, with input from the top paragliding schools, The Art of Paragliding is a complete reference for learning to paraglide. It includes step-by-step training methods and information on all of the key elements: ground handling, learning judgment, the history of paragliding, equipment concerns, how paragliders work, perfecting turns, avoiding dangers, special chapters on takeoff and landing , reserve parachute insights, thermal lore, flight right-of-way rules, performance factors, USHPA rating guide, basic weather for paragliding, and much more! Many paragliding schools and instructors use this manual, supplemented with hands-on instruction and referencing the latest techniques and technologies.

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