Hang 1 Hang Gliding Learn to Fly Package


You will learn more about hang gliding in a weekend than you thought was possible. Take two days and get a taste of high altitude with an instructor by your side and get the opportunity to launch and land by yourself on our 65 foot bunny hill. (We offer the Weekend Package during the week as well. We just call it the Weekend Package because it only takes two to three days to complete.)

The Hang 1 package includes:
Achieve your beginner foot launch rating
A fun, hands on intro to the basics of hang gliding safety, foot-launching and flying
30 training hill flights
Two instructional tandem flights to 1800'

We teach on our training hills seven days a week as weather conditions allow, but we do need you to schedule your flights and lessons. Our tandem operation runs Thursday - Monday. After purchasing your package, please call 706-383-1292 to get your lessons booked. There is a 250 lbs. weight limit for tandem students with students over 230 pounds needing smooth weather conditions to fly. For students over 250 pounds, please call to discuss your training options.

To avoid shipping charges on this item, use the promo code "Learn2Fly". 

Before purchasing, please take a moment to review our Guidelines and Policies.

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