Tenax 4

$2,195.00 $2,129.00

New for 2016: The Tenax 4
Available in Four Configurations

This is the Friction System. The Standard system with an extra friction device on the main attachment that works on a thin rope fixed at both ends of the back board.

Fill out this Tenax 4 order form, and either fax to 706-398-2906 or email to [email protected]

We will submit your order to Woody Valley and then 5-6 weeks later, your beautiful harness will arrive at LMFP. You can either pick up the harness or we will ship it on to you.

Shipping charges are determined at the time of the harness' shipping. The shipping from LMFP generally runs between $170 and $200. Shipping from LMFP to you, generally runs between $20-50. Some pilots opt to pay a shipping deposit at the time of placing the order. We will contact you to ask your preference.

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