Tenax 3


TENAX 3 is a hang gliding harness designed to meet the needs of the most demanding pilots in terms of performance. Ideal for cross-country flight and competitions. This harness has been created in collaboration with the best Italian team pilots, who have been in the world rankings for many years.

The reduced aerodynamic resistance and geometry maximize the possibilities and flight performance of the hang glider.


  • Steel Austrialpin Delta Tropos karabiner with breaking load 3200 kg
  • Custom made
  • Aerodynamic plastic footrests that can be used as a container
  • Optional second parachute container (placed on the other side of the standard rescue container)
  • Front removable zipper with Velcro (optional)
  • Weight including transport rucksack 8,8 kg
  • DHV test n°GS-03-111-00
  • Built-in container for braking parachute (braking parachute optional)
  • Aerotow and ground tow loops
  • Replaceable foot rest protection
  • Large internal pocket for storing the rucksack and the hang glider bag with separate compartment for camel-bak
  • Storage pocket behind the emergency parachute
  • Radio and camera pocket on the side opposite the parachute
  • 2 small Neoprene elastic pockets on the chest
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