Charlie No Limit Helmet

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We now offer the Charly No Limit – the ultimate helmet for competition pilots in hang gliding and paragliding. The Charly No Limit offers the same good fit that has made the Charly Insider the most popular flying helmet worldwide. Like the Charly Insider, the No Limit helmet shell is molded using a high pressure heat process, and is reinforced by aramid fiber and sealed with an epoxy finish.

The Charly No Limit is certified to CE EN 966 standards. The No Limit features an integral polycarbonate visor, which significantly reduces aerodynamic drag and provides 100% UV protection across a wide field of view. The shatter-proof visor incorporates antireflection, antifog and antiscratch coatings, and an optional tinted visor is available is desired.

The high-quality materials and the elaborate production process offer the greatest possible stability and durability, and at a weight of only 23 ounces (650 g). They are certified to an appropriate EN (European) standard, but are not tested to, and would likely not meet the DOT or SNELL standards for motorcycle helmets, which may be more appropriate for downhill racing in skateboards. Each Charly helmet carries a warning label to this effect. These helmets come with a Clear Visor included, and Tinted Visors are available separately. We cannot substitute a Tinted Visor on the original helmet. Available in white, carbon, and blue.

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