Charly Insider

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The Charly Insider Helmet manufactured by Finsterwalder of Germany features a woven glass/kevlar shell, full face protection, high quality three coat lacquer finish, and is very light weight (24 ounces).

The Insider has a very comfortable, semi-streamlined shape with excellent peripheral vision and will accommodate glasses or goggles. It is also very easy to adapt for installation of a radio headset. The Insider helmet is tested and certified to CEN Standard EN 966, which is a European testing standard specifically designed for helmets used for sport aviation. This standard includes tests for shock absorption, penetration resistance, and specifications for visibility and head mobility.

Adding a radio headset to the Insider is especially easy. The lining in the chin guard and near the right ear is removable, so the wires and parts can be routed behind it, and there is an opening in the center of the chin guard lining for a microphone. Once your headset is installed, or if no headset will be installed, the lining can be secured more firmly with hotglue or some other adhesive, if desired.

Available in: White, Dark Burgundy, Black, Blue/Purple and Carbon

Special Order: Red, Silver, Yellow, Turquoise, and Anthracite ($20.00 extra)

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